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Reina, the support dog, needs YOUR support!

Calling all animals lovers, and those with a pocketful of help to support Reina!

For those who have not had the pleasure of meeting Reina, she is a very important member of Hazel's family. Reina is a trained service dog who supports Hazel's physical and emotional needs. As Hazel's mom states so eloquently:

“When Hazel gets dizzy, Reina braces her, If Hazel falls or has trouble rising from sitting, Reina helps her up. And when Hazel is suffering from nightmares or an anxiety attack, Reina is there providing support... Hazel's life is extremely confined, restricted, and would be bleak without the companionship of Reina."

Reina was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Reina's diagnostic visit with her veterinarian was unexpected and expensive. Reina will now need continued monitoring from her vet to help with the ongoing need for medication and regular lab testing. Unfortunately, service dog expenses are not covered by Hazel's medical insurance.

So I am asking for your support. I am helping to raise money for Reina's initial veterinarian expenses, which were just under $600. Any additional donations will go directly towards Reina's subsequent monitoring from her vet.

If you are able, I would be so appreciative if you donated today.

With gratitude,


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