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Pathways of Healing

(And a Pocketful of Hope)

Thank you for stopping by! On behalf of Hazel and her team of caregivers, we appreciate you reading this. Your support is invaluable. I know many of you already know Hazel’s story and have made donations on her behalf; thank you! For those who don’t know Hazel’s story, let me fill you in.

Hazel has been dealing with debilitating and life altering diagnoses since the age of 13. Now, 26 years old, she has never had the experiences typical of a woman her age — school dances, getting her driver’s license, a first job — all of the relatively “normal” rites of passage we take for granted.

Hazel has been sick for almost 13 years. Each and every day is a battle of strength for her to survive. She has numerous health challenges that could make her give up at any minute. But she doesn’t. She continues to hang on. Despite all the layers of trauma, the oceanic levels of pain, and the inability to access many basic resources, she continues to hang on. 

What keeps Hazel going? Home visits and Telehealth care from a competent medical specialist. Because of Hazel’s limited health coverage,  financial limitations and medical necessities, it is crucial that we continue to gather monetary donations to help pay for adequate medical care and basic needs. There are so many ways you can show love for Hazel. Everything we do to help Hazel gives her hope for better days. So please, support Hazel by giving her a pocketful of hope. 💗

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Recent News

Home: Recent News
Moving Boxes

A New Home for Hazel

Once Hazel's doctor determined that Hazel has off-the-charts mold-related toxins, the need to move became urgent. Management of the apartment Hazel was living in denied that the mold was even a problem, despite visible mold and numerous repairs that had been conducted. Hazel's health has been rapidly declining over the last 2 years, which is around the time the mold began to show itself on the ceiling, walls and doors.

Hazel's team of caregivers spent four months accomplishing the task of finding a suitable home for Hazel. We faced every challenge imaginable: discriminatory landlords, a competitive market, and house upon house that couldn't meet Hazel's basic and medical needs.

Unfortunately, Hazel could not bring most of her possessions with her to her new home. Everything that is porous has the potential to contain mold spores. Hazel had to part with almost everything: her furniture, clothing, books, art supplies, household items... the list goes on. It's hard to imagine having to start over like that, isn't it?

In order to help Hazel replace some of the items she had to give up, we have started a wish list of essentials still needed to help make Hazel's new house a home. If you can, please consider donating or fulfilling a wish list item here:


A Lifeline For Hazel: Home Healthcare

Because Hazel is unable to leave her home to access much-needed medical care, we recently embarked on a very long, intensive and seemingly bleak search for a doctor or nurse practitioner to make home visits. As we descended into the rabbit hole that is Hazel's Managed Healthcare Network, we found that there were no covered providers willing to routinely provide this service.

As the situation became more dire (Hazel needed blood work and medication), our search led us to a doctor who makes house calls, and is extremely knowledgeable and focused on this little-understood area of medicine.

Unfortunately, as Hazel's insurance will not cover these services, we rely on fundraising and generous donations to keep necessary medical support going. We are keeping costs down by opting for the least expensive and most successful treatments, and by using Telehealth as often as possible. But just to give you an idea of how your donations are being spent, here is a yearly snapshot of Hazel's medical needs not covered by insurance:

  • $8500-$9700 =  home healthcare visits provided by Hazel's doctor

  • $1220+ = supplements to support Hazel's health and daily functioning

  • $300+ = lab work to evaluate and monitor Hazel's organ function

  • $1200 = service dog to help Hazel's physical and emotional daily needs

​These costs are likely to go up if and when Hazel is able to tolerate more extensive treatments, as recommended by her doctor.

Your support makes all of this possible. Thank you for reading and for all your love and generosity.

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A Little About Me...

Hi! My name is Heather Greer. I have been a caregiver for Hazel for the past seven years. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and an In-Home Support Services Provider. 

From the time I was a teenager, I knew I wanted to help others. That goal, in combination with my own struggles and experiences, propelled me into the work I do today. I am honored that I have a job that allows me to advocate for my clients' needs, and to be a positive presence for change in the lives of my clients.

Hazel's story is so important to me because I understand what it is like to feel alone in the world. To feel like nothing is ever going to get better. To feel hopeless and helpless, and without the resources to make things better.

My father once told me, "you have to decide what type of person you want to be in this world." I want to be someone who makes a difference in the lives of others in any way that I can. I want to give my clients, like Hazel, hope that things can and will get better. Will you join me and help, by giving Hazel a pocketful of hope?

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